AlarmTronix is Fire Alarm  specializes in the installation, service and maintenance all phase of the fire alarm systems within the NYC AND NJ. 

The purpose of life safety is to minimize the possible danger to life and property from various threats including fire and smoke. Life safety codes have long since been established to address various concerns relating to the construction, protection, and occupancy features of facilities and buildings. These codes identify the criterion necessary to minimize danger to life from the effects of fire, smoke, heat, and toxic gases. Egress issues, such as exiting patterns and egress designs, are also factor as they establish the guidelines intended to allow for the timely escape of a building’s occupants in the event of a fire and other dangerous situations.

AlarmTronix Fire and Security specializes in the installation, service and maintenance of The access control system in New York City.

Access control is a custodial contract governing the relationship of the property with the rest of the world. Specifically, it has to do with the execution of operations which deliver information, or which change the state in a way that potentially affects future information delivery. Access control is said to be in effect if the store state permits any past action or future permission to be traced to proper authority, and if such permissions faithfully reflect an articulated policy. The store is said to have integrity if its state conforms to articulated consistency rules. A storage subsystem which has integrity and access control is said to be secure.


CCTV surveillance has become a common feature of our daily lives. We are caught on numerous.

CCTV cameras as we move around our towns and cities, visit shops and offices, and travel on the road and other parts of the public transport network. Whilst the use of CCTV continues to enjoy general public support, it necessarily involves intrusion into theives of ordinary individuals as they go about their day to day business. Our research has shown that the public expect it to be used responsibly with effective safeguards in place. Maintaining public trust and confidence in its use is essential if its benefits are to be realised and its use is not to become increasingly viewed with suspicion as part of a surveillance society.

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