FDNY Notice of Violation (NOV):

A Notice of Violation is a form issued at the end of a fire inspection to notify the respondent if one or more of the city’s administrative codes or Fire Department rules have been found to be in violation. FDNY inspections are usually scheduled annually, but an inspection may be performed at any time if the Fire Department has a reason to believe that a location is in violation.


What does a “Notice of Violation” look like?

You can see a sample of NOV on the top left corner of the page. 

And the most important things to notice are the following:



NOV NumberReference number of the Notice of Violation.


RespondentThe owner, tenant or property manager of the location in violation.


Violation Statement & Order to CorrectThis statement explains to the respondent that the premises is in violation of administrative codes or Fire Department rules. This section also provides the respondent with a date in which the certificate of correction and all proof of compliance MUST BE RECEIVED by the Bureau of Fire Prevention. It also states the date of the hearing that must be attend should the Certificate of Correction not be turned in on time or if this is not the respondents first violation.


Violation CategoriesThe inspector will check off the rules or codes that have been violated in this section.


Description of ViolationThis section is a summary of the of the rules and codes that have been violated. It may also be used to refer to other documents detailing the violation like the “Supplementary Information Form.”


Inspectors SignatureThis section includes the original date of the violation, the inspectors name, inspectors signature and Tax Registry Number.




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